Bronson – Do you only know how to play or do you know how to shoot?

Bronson – Do you only know how to play or do you know how to shoot?

A stark room, dimly lit, essential. A low, woody, bare stage. A side counter jeweled with colorful bottles, like any other counter. This is how it looks like the inside of Bronson, the national temple of rock music. And beware, I'm not saying alternative-indie-lo-fi-rock, let's abolish once and for all the fake labels that make people gurgle so much. Here we deal with the Music, and the Music is something very serious, it doesn't admit ribbons and pseudo-intellectual cogitations. Here we deal with the Rock. The outstanding one. The true one. Full stop.

Born in 2004 under the name of "Revolver" as urgent expression of freedom and pristine nighttime entertainment in a sleepy and lacking of music venues Ravenna, this club has been able to become in few dizzying years the reference point of the Italian and international music scene. Changing its name to "Bronson" in 2006, but keeping its dry and fulminating style like a gunshot, it managed to host the most prestigious rock bands of the 2000s and even beyond. With great merit and in the space of a gin and tonic, it acquired the status of cult club creating a recognizable style globally appreciated.


Now its brand, its cultural initiatives and concerts are regularly hosted on the main national newspapers and music magazines. Its name echoes everywhere in the milieu, all the Italian and European music lovers have started to learn about Ravenna not because of its architectural heritage but for the quality of the concerts at Bronson. Moreover, with notches as Pere Ubu, Wire, dEUS, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Blonde Redhead, Dream Syndicate, Murcof, Mercury Rev, Oneida and Black Angels (just to name a few) marked on the butt of the Colt could it be otherwise?

Inevitable and easy at this point, the mind goes to the line of Cheyenne (Jason Robards) in "Once Upon a Time in the West" ​​when, after having witnessed to the ability of Harmonica (Charles Bronson) with the gun, he exclaims: "He not only plays ...he can shoot too!"
That's what we are talking about, in case we haven't been clear enough ... about fire! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bronson! Get ready to sweat and liquefy like wild beasts bouncing along under scimitars of a tremendously exciting guitar! Oh we know, we know, that's just rock'n'roll, of course ... but we like it soooo much! Oh yeah.

How to get there

Via Cella, 50
Madonna dell'Albero (RA)

By car: from Ravenna city center to Bronson it takes about 15 minutes (towards Forlì). there is a free parking area near the club
By bus: Bus n. 3 and 159 from Ravenna. (only until 8 p.m.)

More information

Food & Drink before the club

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10 January 2016

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