Lido di Savio – From here it begins the “true” Adriatic Riviera

Lido di Savio – From here it begins the “true” Adriatic Riviera

Starting from the mouth of Bevano, if you head towards the sea, sniffing the smell of salt in the air, you'll get in the middle of the pine forest of Lido di Classe. After the bridge, where the river meets the sea, you will arrive at Lido di Savio.

Like many of its neighbors, this seaside village rose during the boom that affected the Adriatic coast in the '50s and '60s. Maybe inspired by the name of the classier and more snobbish Milano Marittima, Lido di Savio was initially known as 'Bologna Mare' (not hard to guess that, now as once, it is the privileged maritime holiday resort of the inhabitants of our regional capital Bologna).
Today like yesterday, in addition to Bologna and Modena inhabitants, the numerous hotels lined up one after the other in front of the sea host every year French, German, Swiss, Russian and Dutch tourists. And, to keep up with the latest trends, along the entire coast there are modern and equipped beach resorts ( some of them are also restaurants with excellent seafood such as Amarissimo and Cavallino in the "northern" area, and the Banana Beach, the Salinity and Kontiki in the village center), and "bagni" (bathing establishments) that take us back to years in which resorts were only sun and ice creams, with few frills.

I can't deny that, during the 27 years that have binded me to this place, more than once I've been amazed by the popularity of this simple seaside town...but looking around the doubts are soon clarified. The simplicity and authenticity of Romagna, a lot of services for families (entertainment for kids, games, projects promoted by "Lido di Savio Village"), a beautiful pine forest that leads you to the center of Milano Marittima and Cervia in 20 minutes by bike. There's more: the most appealing clubs to lovers of house music and stiletto heels (Villa Papeete and Pineta) are a few kilometers far from Lido di Savio and they are extremely well connected by public transport; Mirabilandia, the famous amusement park, with its impressive Ferris wheel that observes the frenetic and relentless swarming in front of it.
And after a day spent among sea, games or races in the pine forest, in the evening the town center enlivens with shops, bars and ice cream parlors. If that is not enough, on Tuesday and Wednesday the stalls of craftsmen along the promenade will add color to your day ... ready to live a new one, made of relaxation and simplicity.

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