Cisim – Never enough

Cisim – Never enough

Hidden by the pine forest of Lido Adriano and the winter nights, Cisim is a young club opened in 2010 and managed by the cultural association "The dark side of the coast", or rather Lanfranco, Federica and Max.

The heart of this place started to pump blood to the beat of bass and snare drum thanks to the sharp and courageous beats, primarily by Lanfranco aka Moder and Max "Penombra", founders and singers of the historical group The dark side of the coast, and also thanks to all the nationally acclaimed guests of the Italian rap scene that have come and continue to come on a visit to Cisim.

This circle is actually nothing but an immense house surrounded by an even more immense garden, where artists of all types and kinds come to visit the hosts and leave a sign of their passage, such as a graffiti on the side of the house or some rhymes in the head of the audience.

So over the years the place has grown and has become popular, and now rap concerts alternate with rock and folk concerts, sometimes of close friends such as Ronin, Rigolò, Ryf and Mara to name a few, other times of more distant friends, among them John Truppi, Gianluca Petrella and Francesco Bearzatti, making a name little by little in the underground scene of Ravenna.

To say as they say "is it not enough"? Then on the turntable of Dj Nersone aka Ciccio b - longtime friend of the triad and resident DJ at Cisim – it turns a good dose of funk and rap of course, as well as art exhibits and photos, documentary festivals and theatrical performances.


In partnershiop with Libra Cooperative of Ravenna, they organize rap and beat making workshops as well as theater, writing, mosaics and photography workshops, open to everybody and strictly free admission; same story for the well-stocked library of comics, where you can consult or borrow collections of Japanese manga or national and international art comics .

It is worth mentioning that Cisim, always in collaboration with Libra cooperative, hosts also the youth info point and the women info point of Lido Adriano.

In short, more than a club we could define it a blacksmith shop where, on an "bum- chak" base to say it in the jargon, minds and hearts are heated to incandescence and then processed in workshops and cultural events.

To refresh your head a little bit why don't you drink something in the small bar set up in front of the stage? Don't be fooled by its size and simplicity because thanks to Federica, who has been working for many years in this filed, guests can enjoy fine ales such as Menabrea or Icnusa or, for party-lovers, a tropical shot to color the dark winter nights.
Isn't it enough? We must live!

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Born in the eighties in Ravenna, after classical studies is trapped in Bologna in a Masters in Economics from which he escaps to Spain, where he runs a concert hall for several years. Incurable migrant during winter months, he feeds himself of books, music and cappelletti. He loves wide outdoor spaces as oceans, mountains and deserts. Touchy by nature, he can become aggressive if confined within four walls to which prefers hammocks and tents. Ranked by scholars as a species in danger of extinction.