Ravenna is not the easiest city to get around by car because of the many one-way streets and the grid of streets that make it an impregnable city!
Normally there are no big traffic problems, except in certain peak times and weekends on the roads that lead from the seaside to the city.


varco attivo

In the city center if you find a sign 'VARCO ATTIVO' like the one in the picture that means that you are not allowed to access.
Some gates are 24 hours active, others are active from 7:30 to 20:30. If you are allowed to pass the sign will be 'VARCO NON ATTIVO' .


In the old town there are several free public parking and many pay and display parkings (which are free after 8 p.m. and on public holidays) for which you must be in possession of coins or the app MyCicero. There are also some private car parks particularly comfortable for long-term parking.
Among the newest public parking we mention the one in Via Guidarelli where the daily fee is € 5, and you can also pay with banknotes, credit cards and Telepass (electronic toll).

Here are the main public car parks with free bus connection and payment


Directions 'lidi nord' and 'lidi sud' can disorient many visitors.
LIDI NORD stands for theseaside villages located north of the Candiano channel  while LIDI SUD stands for the villages  south of the channel.
There are two crossing points of the channel: the mobile bridge and the ferry between Porto Corsini and Marina di Ravenna.

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