Fargo – Home far from home

Fargo – Home far from home

Fargo is a great little bar in the heart of Ravenna, on the corner between Via Girolamo Rossi and Vicolo Padenna . The place is not bigger than twenty square meters; the wooden counter, four tables pulled near the windows and a soft lighting create a cozy atmosphere, like a home living room.
Everything fills the air of intimacy and stimulates the conversation in a low voice in front of a glass of wine or a beer.

However, in my opinion, you really get in when you go outside, and I agree with you it could sound as the beginning of a Coen’s movie. In fact on a mezzanine there are other tables where most of the people sit down for a drink or two, especially on warm summer evenings. And so Fargo becomes the open air center of Ravenna, a place to meet friends and acquaintances, where to talk about music and cultural activities spreading around in the area, because Fargo is also the small counterpart of Bronson - a concert hall in the nearby Madonna dell’Albero - whose tickets  for all the weekly appointments are sold in advance at Fargo. So as a good brother, despite its small size, you can find acustic concert and posters of the past events decorating the walls and the counter.

Even for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Fargo deserves a visit and if you're hungry you can try the simple and tasty menu that, including vegetarian and vegan choices, are made with ingredients chosen from local productions and will be served with a smile of the staff.

Some time ago a friend told me that in every city you have to know the places that make you feel at home: well Fargo, with its open-air lounge, its simple but accurate cuisine and its music on stereo or live, is definitely one of those places.

How to get there

Vicolo Padenna
Ravenna centro storico

On foot: 10 minutes from the railway station
By car: pay and display parking spaces in Via Paolo Costa and Via di Roma

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Born in the eighties in Ravenna, after classical studies is trapped in Bologna in a Masters in Economics from which he escaps to Spain, where he runs a concert hall for several years. Incurable migrant during winter months, he feeds himself of books, music and cappelletti. He loves wide outdoor spaces as oceans, mountains and deserts. Touchy by nature, he can become aggressive if confined within four walls to which prefers hammocks and tents. Ranked by scholars as a species in danger of extinction.