Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo is one of the most central places of Ravenna and in spite of this it doesn't shows up to visitors at first glance. Nestled between Piazza Caduti and Piazza Kennedy it surprises everybody who gets here.

The strong contrast between the white marble of the Duomo and the bright green of the pines of the central little park brightens the whole square.

The fascinating comparison between the column of gray granite from the Roman period, on which it stands a statue of the Virgin Mary placed in 1659 to celebrate the end of the plague, and the Baroque facade of the Duomo with its three towering arches add even more charm. Placed one facing the other, they dominate the square unchallenged.

On the left of the Duomo you can see the Baptistry of Neon, which dates back to the fifth Century and takes his name from the bishop Neon that continued the building of the baptistry after its predecessor Orso. It is an early Christian monument which is part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites list.

The peace that reigns in this place is in some way surreal, sitting in the middle of the square you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. It is surrounded by some of the most delicious places in the city: Naturalmente Burger, the cupcake shop of Camilla Rossi Torte and the pastry shop Pasticceria al Duomo.

For a relaxing tour, this is the plan I recommend: first stop at Rasponi garden (or garden of the Forgotten Herbs), then floow the road that leads to the square, stop for a good cupcake at Camilla Rossi Torte, finally enter the square and sit on a benches at the center enjoying this glimps of Ravenna.

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How to get there

On foot: 15 minutes from the railway station
By car: follow the sign for Duomo. The closest parking lot is the one in via Guidarello Guidarelli

Food & Drink in the environs

La Casa del Caffé – The small shop of Fabiana

13 January 2016

casa del caffè ravenna

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