Invader – The space invasion of Ravenna

Invader – The space invasion of Ravenna

Wave I 

"Look at there, what's that?" 
"... don't know! It wasn't there before, right? " 
"No ... never seen before... Look, another one! What the hell is it?? " 

The invasion has begun. 

Maybe someone had already heard about it, most people didn't even know who he is, for sure today in Ravenna everybody knows Invader and his global scale project Space Invaders. 
The installation project started in Paris, the city of the artist, in 1998 and then it spread worldwide 'infecting' the cities by art and color. 
Invader, who always works hidden by a mask, identifies densely populated areas and invades them with works in extremely weather resistant mosaic ceramic tiles. 
The installations are inspired by the characters of video game Space Invaders, small creatures made of pixels at low resolution and therefore particularly suitable for implementation with the mosaic technique. Today the repertoire of creatures installed by Invader includes characters that distances from those invented by Taito such as trees, mermaids, flowers, cartoon characters etc.

But what is the purpose of the invasion? As told by Invader in an interview, the project of invasion aims at liberating art from all that tends to alienate it, as sometimes do museums and institutions.  It's a work in movement, where new pieces are constantly created, generally positioned at strategic points of the city with the aim of continually surprising its audience. 
It's also a project in which it's given life and freedom to Space Invaders, making them exit from the game and taking them to the streets of the world. 

Wave II 

"There's also Theodora!" 

Invader is back. 

Many cities have been invaded before Ravenna and I really wonder why he waited so long before landing in the world capital of mosaics! There could be no more suitable place of our city for this form of contemporary street art mosaic. Sure enough in 2015, just one year after its first invasion, Invader is back to free his creatures on the walls of Ravenna. The second 'Wave' reveals a greater awareness of the artist about the beauties of the city, it is not by chance that he brings for  the new invasion portraits of Theodora and Justinian, doves, saplings identical to those of some city gardens. Also the work that was officially commissioned by local administration, which is placed at the entrance of Mar, recalls the magical starry sky of Galla Placidia

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