Enoteca Bastione – I have not raised the white flag

Enoteca Bastione – I have not raised the white flag

"[...] You passed through night streets,
and we, alone with you, near the ramparts. "
(A. Blok - "I have not raised the white flag")

Proud bastion, indomitable fortress, undisputed master in the art of wine serving and conviviality, the Enoteca Bastione untiring dominates the nights of Borgo San Rocco and maternally protects villagers and all Ravenna inhabitants squeezing them into its warm embrace of wine and harmony. Unhoped-for oasis, impregnable bastion, in its name lies its destiny which it proudly comply since 1959.

Tavern and brewery in the truest and oldest sense of this word, this woody and very decorated place - managed for three decades by the legendary Duilio and passed in the hands of the younger Giuseppe a few years ago - has kept its frankness over the decades, and its entire history is engraved in the graffiti on the large tables that occupy the three rooms.

Favorite place of Nobel prize writer Dario Fo at the time of his many excursions into our city and to whom he dedicated some of his drawings - now on display inside -, the Bastione represented and still represents the sentimental education to wine for entire generations of Ravenna citizens. During the endless misty winter evenings, teenagers have inebriated their beardless senses on these benches, fraternized with strangers, loved their first women, learned the basic rudiments of beccacino (a traditional game with cards), always lulled by the benevolent eye of mother Bastione.

You will not find superficiality, judgments and malice here. You will only find tasty and simple food, a foamy mug, a priceless family atmosphere, a grass always full – of the good one of course - and the chance to stay up till the early hours every day that God Almighty send to earth.

So, night owls of all over the world, come together! The Bastione is open. Always.

How ro get there

By car: we suggest to park in the ex slaughter in Via Renato Serra (free parking)
By bus: Line n.3 - Stop in Via Romolo Ricci or Porta San Mama
On foot: the Enoteca Bastione in San Rocco district, about 20 minutes far from the railway station



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