Circolo Aurora – About memories, music and words

Circolo Aurora – About memories, music and words

A red door carefully hidden in an alley a few steps from the city center stands out among the houses that frame it: here you've arrived at Circolo Aurora. Not as any other place, a place full of ideals and well rooted in the words and memory of all those Ravenna inhabitans who had the chance to experience this place when the circles were the beating heart of the political, social and cultural life of the city.
The first time I came in I felt like being now at the center of an old French jazz Club in the 30s, then in the middle of a smoky socialist circle in the italian countryside. Don't ask me too much about these combinations: it is what feeds and lives in our imagination, what gives a soul to a place.

This is Circolo Aurora: soft lighting and a warm someway romantic atmosphere is what you will find crossing the door. An engraving dedicated to Salvador Allende, and to all the people who - like him - "lived with socialist ideals and values", reminds us of the origin of this place that was born as a socialist circle (still today the entrance is allowed only to AICS members, whose membership card will be issued to you at the entrance). You will find lined faces and red cheeks for a few glasses of red wine, smiles of people who feel at home here and people who consider this place as a certainty since they were twenty although now they are a bit older.

Circolo Aurora is a lively and a bit nostalgic place for Ravenna citizens who love cinema (once they showed old art films), music, drama and words. Since its opening in May 1, 1904 (the date was certainly not accidental) to present, Circolo Aurora is a place where ideas and experiences can cross and mingle.
In 2015 the management has changed but its face - like the one of the people who has always come in here - has remained the same. Within its new colored walls various types of events take place throughout the week: "music", "words", "book". Before some good seasonal dishes you can listen musicians, ranging from jazz to blues and singer-songwriters, in an intimate and informal atmosphere like in a home living room; or else attend to theater improvisation,  poetry readings, meetings with artists and writers that are enriching the cultural scene in Ravenna.

In short, after an evening at the Aurora you will come out from that red door feeling your mind and heart definitely a bit...warmer, and who knows, maybe a little bit more dreamy.

How to get there

Via Ghibuzza, 12

By car: Circolo Aurora is in San Biagio district You can find a spot to park in the alleys around the club or park in Piazza Baracca
By bus: Lines n. 70 and 145, closest stop Viale Baracca
On foot: Circolo Aurora is close to the city center, you can reach it in 5 minutes from Piazza Baracca and in 20 minutes from the railway station

What to see near Circolo Aurora

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18 January 2016

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