La Casa del Caffé – The small shop of Fabiana

La Casa del Caffé – The small shop of Fabiana

The most beautiful and characteristic spots of a city are very often the most hidden ones, waiting for us in the gloom, just like Via Gioacchino Rasponi, the street that connects Piazza dell'Aquila and Piazza Kennedy right in the heart of Ravenna.
Here some of the oldest shops of the city unveil themeselves, unfortunately more and more timidly. Curiously venturing into the streets, its smells and fragrances will bring your mind and eyes back in time: on a sudden you will be wrapped up by the aroma of coffee that comes out from La Casa del Caffé of Fabiana Morini.
Is it a shop of tidbits, a coffee shop, a place to drink coffee at lunch or else a place where to get lost watching old images from the past? Well, maybe this place encloses part of all this.
For nearly three decades this small homey corner in the center of the city has made of coffee and its aromas its main calling card, organizing tastings of different Mokador blends (currently seven overall) or encouraging the take-away service and resale. Besides a coffee up to the name - in this regard we want to highlight the quality of decaffeinated coffee: a non common plus, as pointed out by true coffee lovers! - and all that those brown beans can unleash and bring with them, Fabiana has always carried out an accurate research focused on product and taste quality, from Amarelli licorice that our grandparents guarded in their pocket, candies for sale unpaked in glass jars through to artisan chocolate from different regions of Italy and abroad.
If you get there in the early morning, although there are no tables, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of a cappuccino, matched with one or - why not ! - two “brioche”.
That's how a little and simple hidden place can make you rediscover the authenticity and truth of certain flavours and fragrances, devoting to them your attention you revitalize a vanishing past that has still the strength to leave a mark.

How to get there

Via Gioacchino Rasponi, 14

On foot: 15 minutes from the railway station
By car: parking lot in Via Guidarelli

What to see in the environs

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