Punta Marina – a village to keep close to your heart

Punta Marina – a village to keep close to your heart

My grandmother, when her grandparents died, bought a lot of pine forest and with many sacrifices she built three small houses which - still encircled by pines - see her sons spend their summers.
A regular appointment since I was a kid and my parents divided their time between the seaside house and the work while my grandparents took us to the beach and made us study.

Of my summers in Punta Marina I keep many memories carved in my heart: the nights spent with my grandparents and my sister looking at the sky to see a falling star, the bike rides in the pine forest seaking wild blackberries, the warm bomboloni of Cacao pastry shop, the smell of fresh mortadella that fills the nostrils and teases the taste buds, the focaccia that our grandparents brought us in the morning and the big Sammontana cones for a snack.

In Punta Marina I became a young man with the first liberties and the jaunts to the sea with friends on my bike,  the races up and down trying to emulate the feats of Pantani, the first crushes and love stories.

Here I became a Man, I learned to stay alone, to wake up in the morning to go to work, I experienced the first real love stories. Today I often come around to Punta Marina although the house has changed and it has gentrified, the pines are less now and there are no traces of the boy I was.

My grandparents are no longer with me but around here I find them again and, with a bitter smile, I see the images of a life lived with them, and I laugh.
Boni bakery has moved of a few meters but it still sells that fragrant mortadella, the focaccia for breakfast and the best seasoned Marzipan I've ever eaten.

The village is incredibly lively and full of activities. You can't go skating anymore but the outdoor Cinema in the main square and the festivals in the park on the seafront attract many people.
Even the beach resorts have almost all been renewed, those that haven't been sold are now managed by the sons or even the grandsons of the original owners .

Cristallo, a seafood restaurant next to the beach, is still a point of reference for a Sunday lunch or a dinner, the thermal baths are a must in fall and the beach clubs near Marina are increasingly popular among Ravenna inhabitans.

Punta Marina is a lovely seaside town, with a central bar, a fine seafood restaurant, and many memories to live and build, to be taken then close to your heart.

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