Palace of Theodoric

Palace of Theodoric

A city that was the capital of one of the greatest empires in history always brings with it the secrets and little mysteries. Many of them must remain conceale to preserve the magic , but I want to reveal one.

After visiting Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, go on walking along Via di Roma and you'll come across to the picturesque ruins of the Palace of Theodoric , the great king of the Ostrogoth.

This monument is dear to me , I consider it one of my city compass, often a useful reference point. It is very interesting also because it seems to be what it actually is not.

The famous king of the Ostrogoths never lived among the remains of this imposing facade: these walls hide a still uncertain story.

palazzo di teodorico_2_rcg

There are two theories about its origin: according to the first one it could be part of the remains of a seventh-eighth Century guard-house built to guard the entrance of the exarchs palace, which was the twin of a building in Constantinople called Lime (= bronze) for the monumental bronze door at its entrance.

The second theory attributes the remains to the porch placed in front of the church of San Salvatore ad Calchi, a building that, according to a document dated 1503, was destroyed.

Thus the mystery is not totally lost: the good traveler will choose the version that most intrigues him. This building gives you the chance to give to history your own interpretation and live it visiting this site.

When you come across its walls linger for a few minutes to admire it, pay attention to the light that filters through the walls and the suffused sky above Via di Roma at sunset.... and enjoy it: make your story cross the one of these walls and let yourself be seduced by the little mysteries that this city offers.

How to get there

On foot: 10 minutes from the railway station
By bus: many lines stop in front of the Palace (Lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 40, 70, 80..)
By car: the driveability of Via di Roma is not simple, we suggest to leave the car in the nearest parking lots: Mar, Piazza Mameli, Largo Firenze


The entrance is free

Opening time:
Mon - Sun 08:30 - 13:30

Closed on January 1, May 1, December 25

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