GARAGE SALE – Treasure Market

GARAGE SALE – Treasure Market

It's a rainy early February Sunday. The Saturday night leaves in the head rarefied echoes of music and gin and tonic. The tv programs of the weekend and the storm raging outside the window do not help.
I light a cigarette and I open the laptop. I surf the web in a desperate search for stirrings. I find on Facebook the invitation to an event that takes place today at Almagià: "Garage Sale" market of vintage and handmade objects, accompanied by DJ sets from morning until nine at night.
I pull myself out of my house and I listlessly get into my car: direction Darsena of Ravenna.
As soon as I cross the threshold of Almagià, - the building renovated by the municipality which was once a warehouse for sulfur – a circus of colors and people invades my mind like a ray of sunshine in a dark room.
The afternoon slips away quickly, my moodiness disappears and a few hours later I'm back in my car with a pair of boots, a vinyl I was looking for for a long time and a smile on my face. This Sunday is enough to make me grow fond of this event, which takes place once a month a few steps away from the city center.

mercatino usato e vintage ravenna

The background music and the many stalls ranging from collections of bow ties of every shape and color, clothing from the sixties, through to real handmade artworks, wear this stylish second hand market as a London coat that can remember a pocket version of Piccadilly. Strolling through the stalls, at the price of a smile, you can rummage among the hangers in search of an extravagant piece of clothing, you can find the colorful kimonos of a Japanese couple, or buy an antique record player that otherwise would be probably lounging in some cellar forgotten by the world.

This way was born the Garage Sale, from an idea of ​​Carlotta, Silvia, Simona, and Sandra, from the desire of empty their garages without throwing away what is no longer fashionable, from the original reuse of objects forgotten  in a room of the house for years that can now shine with that fascinating light that time gives to things from bygone days.

Between a deal and the other, you can satisfy your appetite with vegetarian and vegan delicacies prepared by the girls of "Genuino Mangiarino" or pick something at the kiosk "Rifocillo" outside the building or even take advantage of the small and efficient bar inside to quench your thirst with a beer or a cocktail.

garage sale ravenna

In spring and summer also the Garage Sale moves outdoor, in the neighboring Darsena. So the Piccadilly of Ravenna becomes a Flea Market in full Australian style, where vintage markets are set in parks and they are also called trash and treasure markets.

So no matter if it's rainy or sunny, the Garage Sale opens the doors, usually the first or second Sunday of every month. Some people return home with a green hat, others with a shabby chic piece of furniture, yet others do not buy anything but find nothing but good humor, in short, everyone finds what he's looking for.. and you, which treasure are you looking for?

How to get there

By car: Garage Sale takes place inside or outside Almagià in Via dell'Almagià Darsena district. There are many free parking lots nearby.
By bus: the closest stop is in Via Trieste (a few minutes walk), where stop lines n. 1, 8, 30, 70, 75, 80 . It can also be reached on foot from the railway station by means of the pedestrian passageway

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