Cabiria – Tribute to Federico Fellini

Cabiria – Tribute to Federico Fellini

Entering via Mordani is like stepping into another era. The narrow cobbled street curves slightly to the right and the back of the old and ruined houses seem to accompany you in a Rome of the sixties.

The bar is quite small, about twenty seats inside and just as many outside, the walls and the tables are made of wood in a light color that gives to the place a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere even when Cabiria is packed with costumers.
The service is quick and professional and the friendly smile of the owner Serena will guide you through the small crowded bar in search of a free table you hadn't seen hidden as it is behind people.
You go to Cabiria for a drink - it offers a good selection of wines - or for a dinner to enjoy a special hamburger made with Chianina meat - so big that more than once I hardly finished it -, or after dinner for a beer or a fruity cocktail.
For the most refined palates, the choice of spirits is vast and the professional bartender Mauro will lead you among the Mediterranean flavors of gin imported from Spain or into an island lost in the middle of the Caribbean through the spicy taste of a rare blend of rum.

aperitif in ravenna

But Cabiria is not just this, you can find cultural events such as “Aperitifs and Poetry” in collaboration with other bars like Acciughino and Passatelli, live concerts and more, so do not be surprised if you're out for a beer with a friend and you come across an exhibition of pop art.
Over the years this place has become a point of reference for us, a hidden and precious nook in the heart of Ravenna where to find shelter in the autumn evenings preceding the arrival of the cold, because in Cabiria nights - like those ones in Fellini’s movie by which it is inspired, there is the joy of living and having fun with frinds.

And there's something more: if you continue to walk for another twenty meters along Via Mordani you'll meet La Corte Cabiria, the fine restaurant that opened a few years ago in the cloister overlooking the back of the bar.

How to get there

Cabiria is in the heart of the historical center
By car: you can park in Via Paolo Costa or in the parking lot in Via Guidarello Guidarelli
By bus: all the bus lines stop in the city center, the closest stop is in Via Mariani - Teatro Alighieri
On foot: 15  minutes from the railway station


What to see in the environs

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