Ca’ de Vèn – Food and wines of Romagna

Ca’ de Vèn – Food and wines of Romagna

Ca 'de Ven is a real institution in Ravenna. A place that fascinates tourists without being touristy.
It is mentioned in all city guides and it is actually a must for those who want to learn about the food and wine specialties of Ravenna.

We, Ravenna citizens, go to this place to have dinner, sure, but sometimes we just enjoy a glass of Sangiovese with some food as aperitif in an environment without equal in town. As a matter of fact, Ca' de Vèn is in the Fifteenth-century Palazzo Rasponi where dark wood tables are framed by high shelves full of bottles of wine and a spectacular decorated ceiling.
The Palace was a residence of Rasponi family, then in the eighteenth Century it was converted into an inn and later in a grocery until 1975, when its rooms became the location of Ca' de Vèn, winehouse of Romagna wines.

The big must of this place are obviously the best wines of Romagna (Ca'de Vèn in fact means "house of wine") and all dairy products and delicatessen with piadina, one of the best you can taste in the city. Among the specialties don't miss the squaquerone, a slightly acide soft cheese which can be accompanied with arugula and raw ham or even more classically with caramelized figs; another delicious as well as calorific specialty is ciccioli, a snack from old country tradition made of bits of pork fat cooked, pressed and flavored with aromas.

Besides cheese and delicatessen the menu includes also dishes of local cuisine: cappelletti, strozzapreti, garganelli among pasta, grilled meats and gratin vegetables among the main courses. The desserts are traditional, simple, rough like the soul of this land: marzipan, sabadòn, ciambella and some soft desserts such as trifle.

I do not think there is a place in Ravenna that can take you better than Ca' de Vèn to discover the meat culinary tradition of Romagna.

On foot: 10 minutes trom the railway station
By bus: almost all the bus lines stop nearby. The closest stops are ina Piazza Caduti per la Libertà and Via Mariani Teatro Alighieri
By car: the closest parking lot is in Largo Firenze

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