Pasticceria Ferrari – From Vienna to the heart of Ravenna … lights and air of the late nineteenth Century

Pasticceria Ferrari – From Vienna to the heart of Ravenna … lights and air of the late nineteenth Century

Since 2012 this historic cafe in Ravenna has radically changed in shape and color, from the gold of the furnishing to the thousands shades of cakes, cup cakes and square-cut pies.
The flavours are the ones of the best Italian pastry, the atmosphere of a historic late nineteenth Century Viennese cafe where the words of writers and intellectuals like Franz Kafka, Sigmund Freud and Leon Trotsky (to name a few) echoes in the air.
The beauty of this place lies in its pomposity and its Baroque style: the large polished wooden armchairs, the impressive staircase leading to the upper room, the gold details of the magazine rack. Alongside the details, an open-plan pastry workshop (for those who love to peek what happens behind the scenes!) , and the elegant and formal - but never treacly – kindness of the service.
So in a few years Pasticceria Ferrari has become the reference point  for those who - like me – would easily find a place next to Ciacco in Dante's Inferno for having succumbed to gluttony !!!

From breakfast (buffet breakfast is available on Sunday to enjoy all the sweet and savory delicacies) to the happy hour it is hard to be unsatisfied when you permit yourself one of the many little vices that fill the window adjacent to the bar.
The breakfast tend to continue a bit longer when your eyes are attracted by a second brioche or a last article in the newspaper; the afternoon can fly between talks with friends, pastries or a hot chocolate.

Besides all that, Roberta has added a small restaurant with a set menu for a quick lunch for those people who work around here or are passing by between mosaics and Dantesque places.
There are also events that enrich and enliven this place which is no longer a simple cafe: wine tastings, Friday aperitifs with live music and elegant dinners for Christmas, New Year's Eve or other celebrations.
Finally, for people who don't want to enjoy delicacies just at the cafe and love to get their hands dirty with cream and chocolate, throughout the year there are pastry courses for adults and children ranging from cake design, chocolate, sweet and savory pastry.

You just have to surrender to some vice or sin to feed your belly and eyes !!!

What to get there

Pasticceria Ferrari is in a restricted traffic area.
On foot: 10 minutes from the train station
By bus: many bus lines stop near the cafe, the closest stop is the one in front of Teatro Alighieri
By car: the closest parking lot is in Largo Firenze

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