La Rêverie – A chromotherapy for belly and soul

La Rêverie – A chromotherapy for belly and soul

How many times, coming across a new place or initiative in your town, you asked yourself: hey, I wonder why no one have ever had such an idea before? La Rêverie is a simple and lively places, with cheap food that smells of healthy, perfect for a quick lunch (strictly vegetarian) or a refreshing snack, that impresses for the idea and novelty, two qualities that make in particularity interesting in the gastronomic scene of Ravenna.

Opened in 2014, it is located in a small street just a short walk from the Basilica of San Vitale that is the perfect scenery to host this small colorful and intimate place. Here Francesca and Gabriella prepare every day different 'stories of fruit and vegetables' - written on a small blackboard that will welcome you at the entrance - for those who look for something different from piadina and panini, something healthy as well as cheerful and energetic.

Here the colors seem to take over the show: from the orange of pumpkin soup, to the green of chard and chicory soup and the red of radicchio. And then, the juices of curious and daring combinations in eccentric shades: from beetroot with carrot lemon and ginger, to the more classic pineapple, carrot, orange and ginger.
You may wonder where is the news in all this...? In addition to the many salad combinations – like the one in which spelt is cmixed with apple and valerian - the strong point are hot dishes: whether it's a cous-cous with sfiandrine mushrooms and radicchio or one of the many vegetable soups that I mentioned before, the fun part comes when the dish is ready and every customer can enrich it to taste!! Let tempt yourself with the seeds and dried fruits that fill glass ampoules in a row on the counter, or taralli, spices and aromatic oils; transform your soup in a super proteic lunch thanks to walnuts, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews or taralli ( overseas they would call it "super food"!).

healthy food in ravenna
healthy food in ravenna

The first time I entered this place large just a few square meters, I remember that my mind and eyes went back for a few seconds to the colorful doors that line the canals of Amsterdam where vegetarian and vegan food were very popular among young and old people; here they drive away a little bit the provincialism and clichés from our culinary culture.
Hence the feeling of well-being and care not only feed your belly but also your eyes which won't be disappointed. The setting, feminine and delicate, shows off its graceful impressionist style, enhanced by the Renoir's painting that dominates the center of one of the rosy walls: the portrait of the actress Jeanne Samary, also known as "La Rêverie."
Everything will take place before your eyes, nothing is hidden or imagined: from the wooden boxes overflowing with carrots, celery, fennel, oranges and bananas to the preparation of the dishes on a beautiful aged wooden counter.

These are the stories of fruits and vegetables that will warm up your lunch break if you decide to stop at La Rêverie. Even in the coldest days, if you want to enjoy brisk air and sunshine, you can sit in the small outdoor gazebo to sip a warm apple juice with a soft fleece blanket provided by the owners.
Last but not least - as if it was the end of the chapter of a story – don't forget the aperitif on Friday evening (from 6 pm to 9 pm) where you can enjoy vegetarian creations and start to enjoy the beginning of weekend idleness.

How to get there

On foot: 15 minutes from the railway station
By bus: Line 1 - Piazza Baracca stop
By car: the closest parking lots are in Piazzale Giustinano (€3 for the entire day) and Piazza Baracca

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