Ring up the curtain: the theatres of Ravenna

Ring up the curtain: the theatres of Ravenna

Ravenna has a long theatrical and musical tradition, as from the mid-sixteenth Century it was full of lounges and courtyards of palaces that were used permanently, or adapted for an occasion, as places to play.

The main stage in town existed since 1556 and was located in the Town Hall Room, where theatrical activity continued until 1702 when it was demolished and a new public theater was built: the Teatro Comunitativo It was completed in 1724 and continued to be the reference point of the community until the construction, in 1940, of Teatro Alighieri.

The many places for the “Chomedia” that exhisted in the sexteenth Century have disappeard and today in Ravenna only remain two theaters, very different from each other both from the architectural point of view and the cultural offer: the Theatre of Tradition Dante Alighieri and Town Theatre Luigi Rasi.

alighieri theater ravenna
teatro rasi ravenna

The first one is characterized by beauty and magic not only for its splendid architecture and refined furnishings but also for the atmosphere you find passing through the dressing rooms, the tunnels in the basement of the theater, walking on the wooden floor of the stage; retracing the same routes of the great actors, dancers and musicians that Teatro Alighieri has hosted over the years and that created on its stage immaginary worlds.

The peculiarity of Teatro Rasi surely lies in the apse which is the background of the stage. It is the only historical part of the building and it enriches the scene of an authentic note.
The combination between past and future in enhanced also by the considerable work that the acting company Teatro delle Albe is developing in recent years – together with young people and ethnic minorities- for a theater looking at future, between tradition and acceptance in a historical context that makes of Teatro Rasi an experimental laboratory both on the artistic and the civil, social and anthropological level.

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